This Little Light of Mine...

...I'm gonna let it shine. Let it shine. Let it shine. Let it shine.

We listened and sang along to Odetta Holmes' soulful song as we celebrated Black History Month. The book Rad Women A to Z has again brought us stories about strong Black Women who have influenced so many. We celebrated her beautiful voice and the music that she brought to the world by drawing music notes in a fun collage using the amazing illustrations by Miriam Kelin Stahl as a focal point.


Each student will need:

  • A photocopy of the page "O is for Odetta" from the book

  • Markers

  • Cut-out squares in various colors

  • Construction paper 9x12

  • Scissors

  • Glue stick

Color the photocopy and cut out the letters and image. Glue them onto construction paper along with the squares. Draw music notes on the squares to finish.